Friday, April 6, 2007

The Break up

So you and your wife just split up. What to do now. How to get over the break up.

Heres some tips to help you get over a break up.

Mingle with Singles:
Try hanging out with more of your single friends. Im not saying ditch your friends in relationships but being with other single friends may allow you more oppurtunities to meet another Mr or Ms Right. Not only that but single friends may have more free time that can help keep you busy on weekends and you may even refresh and old friendship.

Get a Hobby:
Try something new that you have been planning to do. Find something of interest that you have wanted to do and do it in a social environment. Some examples could be some kind of sports, or a class at the local community college.

Leave all baggage behind you:
Do not let yourself be dragged down or be tempted you relive your past relationship problems with the next person you meet.

Don’t pull a u-turn:
However tempting it may be do not return to your ex. If its over it happened for a reason. A lot of the times if it didnt work out the first time there is no reason to believe the relationship would be a success the second, third or fourth time around. Move on.
*Of course relationships may end for different reasons, you need to make your own judgements here but be fair to yourself.

Change the subject:
Wanting to rant and rave to your friends about your ex is normal, but eventually you need to change the topic. If the topic of conversation with your friends is always you venting about your ex your will never get over the relationship and on top of that you could end up boring or just outright piss off your friends.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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